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Cooking Class with Nao. Let's cook tastey Japanese and Okinawa food with me. English and Culture School in Yomitan, Okinawa.


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Welcome to Andy's Workshop website. I am Nao and I hope you can enjoy cooking with me.
The Japanese cooking class is a course we run as a part of Andy's Workshop, a culture school (and English school) based in Yomitan (Okinawa).
Whether you are stationed in Okinawa or visiting for a holiday, food is a great way to get to understand Japanese and Okinawa culture.Naoko_Ogura.jpgA big sushi tray I made!

As I am food lover, I always love to taste and learn about the local food wherever I go. To me, food is not just something you eat; you can ‘see’ local culture through food, and different flavours fascinate me every time I taste them.
So if you are reading this, you’re probably already considering taking the cookery class with me, and wondering how to cook Japanese or Okinawa food. Please come along because I would love to help you, and more and more people learning to cook this great food makes me really happy.

How do Japanese people use soy sauce or miso to create such tasty dishes?

How can I create the same flavour or taste at home?

In the Japanese cookery class, you will cook either Japanese or Okinawa food with me and we eat the food we cooked after the cooking session. If there is more food left (typically sushi is more likely to have extra to take home. Not much to take home with homemade cooking as we cook one portion per person), you can take home to show off and share with your family or friends.

If you are visiting Okinawa for only a short time, maybe the food you cook here at Andy’s Workshop could make a nice lunch or dinner that you wouldn’t be able to buy from a shop!

More than anything, you learn Japanese cooking skills and you will be able to cook at home. That is the real benefit for you.

I lived overseas for many years so I also understand that sometimes it is not easy to get the right ingredients you need to cook Japanese food if you’re not in Japan.
So bearing that in mind, I will teach you what you can use as alternatives to difficult-to-find ingredients, such as Japanese rice, so you can continue to enjoy cooking Japanese food at home.