Okinawa tree lizard

This chap literally fell from a tree. I was in the garden when he, maybe she (and it feels too cold to say ‘it’), suddenly dropped on the ground a few metres in front of me. He was stunned for a moment, then I went and closer and he made a short dash, eventually climbing up a little olive tree, where I took this picture on my iPhone.

These lizards often appear in the garden, as we’re surrounded by trees. My son once caught one, named it Pob and later the same day released the little fella back to ‘the wild’, with tears in his eyes and calling ‘Pob!’.


Here’s another picture of one sitting on a tree fern (ヘゴの木), also in my garden. It looked stranded and swung around precariously on the branch for hours. I have no idea if this one fell to the ground as I got bored looking at it.