Okinawa green tree frog (オキナワアオガエル)

It didn’t take much skill to spot this guy outside my front door on an early February morning, but I was inevitably quite taken back when he or she caught my eye. It didn’t seem the smartest place for a bright green amphibian to be sitting during such an intensely sunny hour of the day; there are plenty of keen-eyed flying predators circling the skies of my neighbourhood that would have snaffled up that chap for a post-breakfast treat quite happily. I have no idea if indeed such an end befell my tertiary-coloured visitor. The next time I came out of my house, it was gone. 

The tree frog is ubiquitous on the island and lives around wetlands and paddy fields near forests, and, as with the Okinawa tree lizard, it climbs trees rather well. I can only assume the wooden support for the handle of our steps appeared tree-like when this luminous individual decided to take a rest there.